Punjabi Heart-Touching 4 Line Poetry in Urdu

Notwithstanding where you should be well-to-do culture generally stands out for individuals towards it. Pakistan's renowned district of Punjab has an incredible culture. It involves a profound impact on local people and language carriers internationally. Punjabis are occurring, culture-arranged, and fiery.

Punjab is extremely wealthy in writing and Sufis adds more to its writing. Punjabi Poetry is eminent for its very profound significance, lovely and confident use. Punjabi Poetry permits perusers to communicate their internal sentiments with the assistance of excellent poetry. Punjabi Shayari and ghazal are well known among individuals who love.

Punjabi Heart-Touching 4 Line Poetry in Urdu


Punjabi Heart-Touching 4 Line Poetry in Urdu

پنجابی شاعری


نِگھی چادر تان کے سو گئے،

مالک چور پچھان کے سو گئے،

لُٹن والیاں رج کے لُٹیا،

جاگن والے جان کے سو گئے۔

Nighee Chaadar Taan Ke So Gaye,

Maalik Chor Pachhaan Ke So Gaye,

Luttan Waliaan Rajj Ke Littiya,

Jaagan Waale Jaan Ke So Gaye.

निघी चादर तान के सो गए,

मालिक चोर पचान के सो गए,

लुट्टन वलियान रज्ज के लिट्टिया,

जगन वाले जान के सो गए।.


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